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Opening new website business

Many time i'd tried before a little business just worked only a month I end to stopped my business. I have had tried selling beautiful dresses before last 2010 I had to stopped because the products were not too good, and now I started another business, handbags with a name I mean branded Fashion Handbags like Michael kors, Ralph lauren, Coach and i would like to have some more different kinds of branded handbags to sell not just handbags but also accessories from branded name of the Handbags.
I just started a few months ago, a Little bit difficult because there are a lot of Fashion handbags competating. I don't know how could I really more to get customers. The Website is still undercontruction and the shipping is only in Switzerland, International shipping is not available at this Moment, but if you wanted to it, you can just email me. I am new to this Business. Is not so easy to do a website for a business. So many to pay, example to get credit card where the customers pay your products, website hosting you need also to pay, all must and need to pay. You must just all make sure too that your products are sold out or else you end at the end of the month just paying your bills. Next time I will gonna post my website in here and I hope it will be start good my little business.

It's just a little about me

There are so many women love fashion. As of me, sometimes when I get bored, I like to wear nice dresses, and go to the city have a good drinks at nice restaurants and shopping, bags, shoes and clothes. Women love fashion but sometimes made our wallet, empty, I am right? Especially, if we dont have enough time job to get back the money, it is so great to shop materials things if we have also to know to get back the money in our wallet. Everyone woman have a desires, people have desires, isn't right? I have sometimes feel my needs too like as what I said, shopping like bags shoes and dresses. I like to wear dresses, I am not into jeans, but I like to wear jeans in my works, as I've work with the kids a lot of movements.

Time to Time

Sometimes when I have time to relax, when nice weather, I just sit down on our balcony and have some drinks, like coffee or tea, or just have good ice cream. We have good view from our balcony, field, cows on the field having a good time and of course cars passing by on the street. We are not living close to the street, but we have a good view, sunny balcony and we have good plants and flowers that I've care in Spring and summertime season. I love flowery Balcony that's why I really love to stay at our Balcony, when I get time.
Sometimes in the morning when very pleasant weather, I had breakfast at our Balcony, very nice hearing birds tweeting and flying free.
And in the afternoon I like to have great bicycle tour with my children, and when my husband finish his work, he just come and join us. We really so love bicycle, i've got my good mountain bike and my husband too. We have tour bike by the river, sometimes we have picnic by the river and to have a swim sometimes in summertime.

Great to be back in Blogging World

Hello Blog World. Its been awhile since I logged in my blog. Oh how so long it is, never been my blog. I can't count it on, how many days, how many months and years passed by. Now, I am glad to be back in blogging world. It is so great to express my daily lives in my blog and share to everyone, everypeople who loves reading blogs.It is great to back in blogging world, and share my passion, my love in my living, all the things and on what I did everyday. You like to read my blog? Well, this it is, I am back. I want to share my daily lives, with my man who truely loves me uncodittionally, with our children, my family, my relatives, my friends thats happenings in my life. I like blogging, which I can express my feelings and share to the people my ideas and thoughts.
For this moment that is just for today, my 1st start post of year 2014.

Cold Weather

We are now in winter season as we can say that Christmas is coming so close. The coldness of the weather is striking.
Me and my 3 boys are sick having hard cough & cold. The snow are getting ice, all outside of the house are freezing, during night the weather temperature is cold freezing over minus 10 degrees celcius in our place. To be sure if you go out, must be wear your handshoes and thick Jacket/Coat.
This coming week the weather temperature will be back to 3 to 5 degrees celcius, hmmm... sound not bad in this winter season huh!
I just only hope no more snow until 26th so that I can attend all the Parties & drive my car.....then it will be Okay if the snow back :)...hope so...